As self-proclaimed “Tokens” we created this site as a platform for nuanced discussion on topics including Race, Politics, Sports, and life in general through our eyes. Our unique perspectives, gained from a lifetime of dipping in-between worlds, give us insight into the familiar patterns we see happening repeatedly. We’re often the ignored and seldom considered population of the country, but in reality we are products of the true American dream. Our personal interactions are a bizarre mixture of multiple socioeconomic classes, political views, religions, and ideologies, so we are familiar with code-switching and all other indicators of inhabiting the different shades of America. We have each grown up sensitive to the cultural divisions spread through our societies, as well as the bridges.

We will frequently update this site with posts about issues into which we really feel that we can offer meaningful insight. We will also host live conversations between ourselves for reactions to major events or debates on issues we don’t necessarily agree with one another. And we’ll certainly keep it light when we can.

As each of us grows older, more mature and conscious, we hope to share with you our thoughts and opinions, and hope that you appreciate a perspective that is often less publicized than the unthoughtful or extreme stereotypes you often see elsewhere.

Same as you, we’re just figuring this thing out along the way